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Exercise gives you energy

by febfast 11 Feb 2016
Yep, it's true! Read on to find out how a walk around the block can spark you up for those last few hours of work, more than your 3pm choccy fix….

Now this is not ground breaking information, in fact we've known this for a long time (and perhaps choose to ignore it?) Back in the late 80's, Mr. Robert Thayer conducted a study looking at the effects of a sugar snack versus moderate exercise on energy, tiredness and tension - 3 factors I'm sure you can all relate to day to day.

He had several volunteers either eat a candy bar or walk briskly for 10mins and then rate their level of energy, tiredness and tension feelings over the same 2 hour period each day on 12 selected days. What do you think he found?

Well overall the 'walkers' reported more energy and lower tension than the 'snackers', in fact the 'snackers' found that although they experienced an initial spike in energy and reduced tiredness this was quickly replaced by a significantly higher level of tension after 1 hour.

So next time you're feeling flat and in need of a 'pick me up' to get through those last few hours, lock up that snack draw and head outside for a quick lap around the block to test the theory for yourself!

By Phebe Corey

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