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by febfast 03 Mar 2017

Every dollar raised through febfast goes towards supporting and providing new opportunities to young people experiencing disadvantage in Australia. By registering or donating to febfast you're contributing to the integral work of YSAS and our partner organisations all across Australia, such as Brisbane Youth Service. Here's what they're about and why they're so important:

Brisbane Youth Service

With a vision to provide 'New Futures for Young People', Brisbane Youth Service (BYS) has been operating in Fortitude Valley since 1977. In that time, through a range of specialised programs, BYS have helped tens of thousands of disadvantaged young people overcome adversity and discover opportunities that those more fortunate take for granted.

Teams at BYS understand that the key to supporting individuals is building strong relationships and placing the young person at the core of their work. Everyone's story is unique, which is why every support plan is tailored to the young person who directs the pace, scope and extent of their support.

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Youth workers at BYS help each young person to identify and achieve their goals, and access necessary services, information and resources which might be helpful to them. Importantly, this approach enables BYS to take a holistic approach when supporting individuals and the entire range of issues which might be troubling them. These may include homelessness; financial, legal or relationship problems; or medical, psychological and substance use issues.

Here's their range of important programs in place to help and support disadvantaged youth who need it most:

Housing Support

Assisting homeless young people and young families to find and maintain safe, stable accommodation. From offering a young person a roof and warm bed, to crisis accommodation with 24/7 support, to equipping them with independent living skills, to reconnecting them with family – these are just some of the many essential housing services BYS are engaged in.

Health Services

BYS offers a range of programs to help young people with their physical and mental health needs and substance use issues, to improve their health and wellbeing. The Medical Clinic situated at the Valley Hub exists to give young people access to experienced professionals such as doctors, nurses and counselors whom can offer support in a safe and respectful environment, to address important and sometimes complex aspects of their lives.

Emergency Relief

Sometimes things happen that are out of our control, our situations can change drastically in an instant, but fortunately a lot of us have friends, family and people who will be able to support us in times of crisis. Yet for some, if a crisis strikes they don't have anyone they can turn to, and even having access to the most basic necessities to life such as food and shelter can be a struggle.

Which is why BYS have Emergency Relief services, which can act as a refuge for young people experiencing homelessness who have limited means or resources at their disposal. The emergency assistance ranges from providing food, transport or chemist vouchers; to personal care, hygiene or clothing items; to assistance with bill payment.

Advocacy, Support and Referral

It is sometimes difficult for vulnerable young people to understand and negotiate complex systems. BYS offers support to young people in a range of ways by advocating for their needs with landlords, the Department of Housing, the Department of Education, Queensland Health, tertiary institutions, and Centrelink. They also support young people who are experiencing legal issues or involved in the justice system.

Support for Young Parents

Many of the young people whom access services at BYS are young parents. BYS employ specialised staff at the Centre for Young Families who provide innovative support and a positive approach to parenting. Through individual support and group work, young families are assisted in a range of areas such as:

  • Housing assistance and support to maintain tenancy

  • Child development

  • Developing attachment and bonding

  • Interactive play

  • Parent-child communication

  • Living skills

  • Child protection

  • Family well-being and overcoming social isolation

Support for Young Women

The Centre for Young Women offers young women the opportunity to meet with a team of dedicated women's workers, operating as a safe women's space. The program provides a range of immediate and longer term support services for homeless and disadvantaged young women (aged 12-25 years) and their families.

Find out more about Brisbane Youth Service and the amazing work they do here.

It's never too late to donate to help support BYS and other similar youth organisations across the country.

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