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I'm doing febfast sugar, what can I drink?

by scottdogs 25 Jan 2016
The question has been asked: if I'm choosing to quit sugar for febfast, where does that leave my alcohol consumption? Doesn't alcohol contain sugar?

Here's what our experts, Rebecca Gawthorne and Nat Kringoudis say:

Rebecca Gawthorne: "To really draw on the health benefits of this special month in February, eliminating both sugar and alcohol will have you feeling wonderful, but for those who are wondering, you may be shocked to know there are some alcoholic beverages that contain far less sugar (fructose) than others"

Nat Kringoudis: "If you're trying to give up sugar, then it's best to stay off alcohol as it's a fermented beverage which uses (and creates) sugar in the fermentation process. Your body also needs to undergo some complex digestive mechanisms in order to break alcohol down, so it can be quite hard for your liver (essentially, your body will store the other macro-nutrients away in your body - often in fat - in order to detox and digest the alcohol, as it registers the alcohol as a poison and prioritises it so it's removed from your body as fast as possible to minimise the damage it does to your organs"

However, if you are going to drink, there are a few alcoholic beverages better to consider than others. We've created the guide below to help you out:

Alcohol guide

Download the complete guide here.

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