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Why go on a health retreat?

by scottdogs 25 Feb 2016

Ever wondered whether a health retreat is for you? Kate Reardon from Natural Instinct Healing tells us how these retreats can help your body and mind reset after a busy or stressful period.

Imagine coming home from a retreat feeling revitalized and refreshed not only in your physical body but also in your mind, heart and soul.

Imagine that feeling of excitement as you dive into your 'new life' after having time to focus on you and re-prioritizing your schedule and personal goals whilst feeling full of energy, inspiration and motivation.

Imagine coming home after this retreat lighter in everyway after losing excess weight from your body and de-cluttering the unnecessary thoughts that usually hijack your presence and take up space in your mind.

Imagine being completely free of 'old baggage' you've been carrying around within yourself and feeling excited to nourish your body with all the healthy foods and balancing practices that you discovered on retreat.

 Imagine feeling whole, balanced, healthy, free, happy, peaceful, calm and completely energized again.

 Your imagination can quickly turn into a reality if you make a commitment to yourself to take some time out of your schedule and book yourself on a 'healing retreat'.

 Over the past several years 'healing retreats' have become popular, as more people are pushing themselves to the limit mentally, emotionally, physically and desperately needing to get away to rest and rejuvenate for the sake of their own health. More often than not our lives are so full and busy that many of us do not find enough hours in each day and as a result of this our natural energy reserves decline leaving us in a state of imbalance, exhaustion and stress.

 Now more then ever due to the declining physical states of our bodies, the mental pressure and expectations we are exposed to alongside the ever increasing rates of stress within our lives, we are being urged to take control of our own health and learn how to look after ourselves better. One of the popular and most productive ways to do this is by going on a health retreat.

 In Bali we had a vision to create a safe, serene and healing space for people to come and be supported through a detoxification and cleansing process to achieve radical healing and transformation, and this a Natural Instinct Healing was born. At Natural Instinct Healing we provide practices such as fasting, detox, yoga, meditation, raw food, massage, nutritional workshops, superfood cleansing, energy healing alongside many sacred healing arts that not only address physical health but acknowledge the emotional and spiritual wellbeing for a complete healing experience.

Our team of highly qualified practitioners guide you through a transformational journey in Bali where there is a natural infinity for healing and restoration already deeply implanted within the culture. The traditional spiritual practices within these cultures align with the need to let go, release and heal the mind, body and spirit and therefore becomes the perfect healing destination.

Is a time for you to be taken care of by qualified therapists and guided in restoring balance and wellness within your life?

Is it time for you to be pampered with healing treatments and allow your mind, body and soul to receive the loving kindness it deserves?

Is it time for restoration, letting go, rebuilding, realigning and finding that inner calmness, peace and clarity that is within you?

 If you feel as though you need to take some time out to rest, restore and revitalize your mind, body and spirit then I urge you to explore the idea of attending a healing retreat, you deserve it.

Natural Instinct Healing is giving away a healing retreat in Bali, valued at over $7,000. We'll be awarding the prize to the top fundraiser on March 9. Check out this page for more info.

Kate Reardon is a qualified practitioner of Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine, an Intuitive Metaphysical Healer and founder of Natural Instinct Healing Health and Detox Retreats in Bali and Australia. Kate has guided hundreds of individuals to a state of radiant health through the power of cleansing and now offers the secrets and science in The Essential Cleanse, her first book and a love letter to all who seek total healing from the inside out.

 You can find out more about Natural Instinct Healing here;

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