Inspiration station: 5 sugar-free celebs

by febfast 14 May 2014

Whether you are aiming to lose weight, improve your health or complete a challenge, there are many great reasons to give up sugar for 28-days.

If you are concerned about losing motivation or worried about giving into temptation, just remember, there are plenty of celebs who have jumped on the sugar-free bandwagon - here are five stars you could emulate during your PrepFast period.

Gwyneth Paltrow

This gorgeous celeb has announced her conscious uncoupling from the sweet stuff on her blog, Goop.

There, she offers up some pieces of advice for those trying to cut this ingredient from their diets, suggesting a detox program to help reset your appetite and decrease sugar cravings. She says your body naturally adjusts to being sugar-free and the desire for sweet treats disappears after a sugar fast.

Jessica Biel

This actress has often spoken to the media about her diet secrets, one of which is foregoing sugar. Guess looking at Justin Timberlake every day is sweet enough!

This star avoids sugar, bread, dairy, salt and most meat during the week and follows a gruelling exercise regime, getting a workout in on most days of the week in order to maintain her trim physique.

Sarah Wilson

As well as being an esteemed journalist, former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and host of Masterchef Australia, Sarah Wilson has waged a public battle with the sweet stuff.

She became a New York Times best-selling author thanks to her books I Quit Sugar and I Quit Sugar For Life, and penned a series of e-books on her website

Alec Baldwin

In 2012, this film star shouldered the advice of wife Hilaria who is a fitness expert and gave up white sugar, losing around 14 kilograms in the space of four months.

Tom Hanks

Taking his cue from friend Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks has ditched the white stuff to look healthier, ending up with a svelte frame as a result, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

Since being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Tom Hanks has continued to limit his sugar intake and now incorporates plenty of exercise into his daily routine.