What is Junk Food?

by febfast 19 Aug 2014

Doing a fast from junk food may seem like a great way to become healthier and save money. First, it's important to define this food group so you know exactly what you need to cut out from your diet.

Defining junk food

Junk food is defined as processed food with little nutritional value. It is often high in salt, sugar and fat.

It includes convenience foods as well as fast foods. Junk food is a broad umbrella. If you are giving up junk food you will need to resist the lure of potato chips, lollies, chocolate, biscuits and baked goods.

These foods are high in calories, without the benefit of providing you with minerals, vitamins or fibre that are needed to maintain a healthy mind and body.

However, these items are made with the intention of being appealing or enjoyable so you are chemically programmed to crave more. The level of crunch, flavour and even the way they feel in your mouth are all researched with the intention of encouraging you to consume more.

How can you avoid junk food?

Although these treats should only be consumed in moderation, it can be tricky to avoid them when you are doing a fast.

Here are some easy ways to avoid junk food in your diet.

Bone up on your cooking skills

Have plenty of meals cooked and ready to go. If you tend to rely on convenience food to fill you up at the end of a long day, having a prepared meal on hand is an easy way to ensure you get enough nutrients and minerals without needing to turn to unhealthy foods.

This will also be kinder on your wallet as you can prepare these foods at home more cheaply than you can purchase a ready made meal.

Do your research

Some so-called "healthy" foods are actually junk food in disguise. To really fulfill your end of the bargain, make sure you read the labels when you go to the supermarket so you know exactly what you are fuelling your body with.

Try to stick to whole foods where you can, as these items will fill you up while providing you with enough minerals, nutrients and fibre to keep you feeling full.