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We did it!

Well, we did it! Today is the last day of Febfast! It has certainly been a great experience. The first week of giving up chocolate was really hard, but it has gotten easier as the month has worn on (aside from making the rookie error of going down the Nutella aisle at the supermarket!) And on the plus side, my skin looks great! Hoping that I can get a few last minute donations to make my personal target. Well done to my team for smashing it!

One week down, three to go

One week down... it's been a pretty tough week (why did February have to start on a Friday of all days?)

There has been office treats, birthday cake and supermarket checkouts all trying to tempt me to give in. I may have partaken in one or two other sugary treats (FYI they did not fix my chocolate cravings!) but still no chocolate.

I'm hoping this week was the hardest! It definitely makes it easier knowing people have sponsored me because they believe I can do this (thanks guys for your generous donations!) but we still need more sponsors! Would love to have your support :)

Over and out.

Pause for a cause

It’s been quite a while since I raised any funds for charity so when my friends asked me to join their Febfast team and help raise money for vital services for Australian youths experiencing serious disadvantage, it was a big yes from me. 

But whilst most of my team are ditching the booze, I’ve already pretty much given up alcohol recently for health reasons. I’ve even cut out the caffeine (I can just about hear the collective gasp from my coffee-loving friends). 

So I am tackling what is perhaps my biggest vice of all... chocolate. Those of you who know me well know that I love a good chocolate bar, block, ice cream... anything really! Some of my colleagues even know my bottom drawer stash and have seen me searching round the office for a sugar hit when the drawer has run dry. I once kept a tally on the whiteboard of how many days it was since I last ate chocolate... I can tell you it wasn’t 28!

I am committing to give up chocolate for 28 days to raise much needed funds so please please please donate funds to support me in what is clearly going to be a big challenge! 


I'm taking a pause for a cause this February

Heya! I’m taking a pause for a cause this February to challenge myself and support Australia's youth. It’s the perfect excuse to kick-start a healthier year, whilst raising funds for disadvantaged young people in Australia. From overcoming mental health issues and the impact of abuse and neglect, to finding safe housing and tackling drug and alcohol problems, febfast funds youth workers who connect with young people experiencing disadvantage and ultimately help them stand on their own two feet. Thank you for supporting my febfast challenge.

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