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Cutting the caffeine - a shift workers' experience

Some of you have asked me "how are you surviving work without coffee!?"

I am not one to crave caffeine or insist on a coffee (or however many) per day to function, however I do look forward to a barister-made keepcup full of goodness after a late finish - early start shift. This is part of a routine which I had believed 'helps me though' the long day ahead after minimal sleep. I would go to bed and think about the coffee I would purchase on my tea break!

At one of my workplaces, we are lucky to have a coffee van which visits during night shifts. My routine is to buy a coffee on the first night, again; 'to get me through'. It is also quite a social affair collecting orders, cups, payments and taking some time out from the wards to visit the van in the fresh night air.

As this is a sepcial social time which breaks up our night, this month I have enjoyed a caffeine-free chai latte. Here I have learned - coffee is not compulsary. 

During the day, I have again swapped my usual soy flat white coffee for a soy spiced chai latte or made myself a cup of herbal milk required! 

My favourite tea this month Green tea + Lemon Myrtle infusion. I find it gives me refreshing energy as well as a calming affect. 

I've found these alternative just as enjoyable as coffee or caffeinated tea. Funnily enough, I feel more energised and a sense of wellbeing consuming the herbal teas in particular.

I encourage you all to try some caffeine free teas and coffee alternatives.

Chai & hot chocolate are nice TREATS; please beware of the sugar!


Thanks for reading :)

Next post will discuss how I've been avoiding alcohol this month.

I'm taking a pause for a cause this February

Heya! I’m taking a pause for a cause this February to challenge myself and support Australia's youth. It’s the perfect excuse to kick-start a healthier year, whilst raising funds for disadvantaged young people in Australia. From overcoming mental health issues and the impact of abuse and neglect, to finding safe housing and tackling drug and alcohol problems, febfast funds youth workers who connect with young people experiencing disadvantage and ultimately help them stand on their own two feet. Thank you for supporting my febfast challenge.

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Well done, keep going!


Cristina Cardile


Maryanne Puli Vogels

Good on you for joining us! Good luck!


Breanna Miles

Fabulous work Cristina and team. The youth of Australia deserve a better future!


Cristina Cardile


Cristina Cardile