2019 febfast is on! No alcohol for me this February :-)

To be honest this really isn't about me, its about raising funds for these outstanding youth workers who do an amazing job connecting with young people, that more often than not find it a struggle cope with life on a day to day basis. 

From overcoming mental health issues and the impact of abuse and neglect, to finding safe housing and tackling drug and alcohol problems, febfast funds youth workers who assist today's youth experiencing disadvantage and ultimately help them stand on their own two feet.

I supported this cause a couple of years ago and my aim is to match/beat what I raised back then. All donations very much appreciated 

Thank you for supporting my febfast challenge. laughing

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Sparke Helmore Lawyers

Congrats Ed, from the Sparkes team!


Anna K

Awesome work :-)


Andrew Godden

Well done Ed - great to see support for such a worthy cause


The Tribe Agancy

On ya maate! xx


Ryan Jones

Is it Schooner O'Clock yet?


Sarah Powell

Amazing achievement Ed!


Lisa Fleming

Good on you Edwardo!


Alex Della

Well done :)


Edward Newson


Christian Falkingham

Great effort mate Well done


Peter Johansson

Great cause - YSAS do fab work


Mark Thompson

Well done fella.


Cha Nguyen

All the best for the challenge Ed!


David Welsh

Well done fella, now get on it!!!


Ange Vella

You're stronger than me Ed! All the best!




Adam C


Leo Campos

Well done mate!!!


Jamie Jeffers

Well done Ginger (and grey) Nuts!


Michael Martin

Job well done mate!



Great cause Ed!


Matthew Seisun

Well done Ed.


Scott Bunting

A few bars will experience a big drop in revenue in Feb! - Well done mate.


Eloise Hurley Wellington

You did good.



Great cause! Good luck



Well done mate


Sheridan Lees

Well done Ed!


Al Scott

I made it 6 hours into dry Jan - I know you can do better pal!


Evan Ainslie

All the best mate


Steve Bardsley



I did 4 weeks once. Never again. Best of luck!



You go gurrrl


Li En Wong

Go Ed!


Kim Howe

Good on you Ed!


Emma Coppin

Good luck. Feb is a great month to break bad habits.


Alana Dennis

Best of luck Ed!


Natasha Childs

Great work Ed!




Khoder Chehade

Please send me your bloods.


Adit Witjaksono


Iain Sharples

Will be watching closely from over the road at the Greenwood Ed!


Mary Paehlig

Booze is over-rated anyway ;)


Max Hastings