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Maybe I do have a sugar problem

To be honest, I really thought this would be easy, however I seem to be suffering with some mild sugar withdrawal. My symptoms include headaches and fatigue and I am starting to appreciate that I was consuming more 'added' sugar in my diet than I realised. All the more reason that I am really glad I have taken up the challenge, as it is making me more conscious of other lifestyle changes I should be making.

Onward and upward - can only be a good thing right?

Hope my fellow no sugar febfasters are going strong

I'm taking a pause for a cause this February

Heya! I’m taking a pause for a cause this February to challenge myself and support Australia's youth. It’s the perfect excuse to kick-start a healthier year, whilst raising funds for disadvantaged young people in Australia. From overcoming mental health issues and the impact of abuse and neglect, to finding safe housing and tackling drug and alcohol problems, febfast funds youth workers who connect with young people experiencing disadvantage and ultimately help them stand on their own two feet. Thank you for supporting my febfast challenge.

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I'm pausing sugar for a cause - my mental health improves when I quit sugar, so this is a great message for our kids.


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