Olivia Whitaker

Team Nation Partners for FebFast 2019!

The team at Nation Partners is taking part in febfast this year by taking a ‘pause for a cause’ to raise money for disadvantaged youth. We’re really passionate about this and are hoping the money we raise will assist young people to find the help they need to combat drug and alcohol problems, homelessness, as well as physical neglect and abuse.


This year, the Nation Partners team is hoping to raise $3000 by giving up the things they love. My personal fundraising goal is $500 and I'm going to be battling my huge weakness for treats by giving up sugar!


It would be great if you could donate to me or the NP team to help us reach our goal and support young people in need. No donation is too small!


I'll also be available for icecream dates after 1 March :)

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Shelley Whitaker

Well done bubba😘


Issy Whitaker


Phillip Hall

Outstanding work Liv!


Sarah Appleyard

You go girl! Lots of love ❤️❤️


Anna Cameron

Awesome stuff Liv! A great cause :)


Ian&gill Whitaker



Olivia Whitaker


Ailish Puren

Slay sugar free queen xx


Danielle Clark


Erin Anderson

Well done Livvy - ice cream to follow!


David Donelly

Onya Liv


Jo Catto

Go Liv!


Caroline House

Yew go Liv!!! Epic cause xx


Lauren Mckenzie

Well done Olivia very proud of you A great initiative that Nation Partners is taking part in!


Judy Watt


Andy Smith

Well done livvy!