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I'm taking a pause for a cause this February. As everyone knows I enjoy my wine so this is a big deal for me.

Hi everyone ! I’m taking a pause for a cause this February to challenge myself and support Australia's youth.

With all the stresses of life it's easy to reach for a drink after a hard day at work or to use alcohol as an excuse to momentarily forget lifes problems. But with all the changes I see happening this year I see this is the perfect opportunity to make positive changes in my life. 

With the packing and moving and settling into a new home and the busy times ahead I see this as a wonderful chance to embrace this "no drinking" chapter. 

I know people might say, she won't be able to do this, however I am determined when I set my mind to something - like when I shaved my head for the Leukaemia Foundation. 

So who is on board to support me? I would appreciate your help to get through this month of February and hopefully I see some improvements like losing a few kilos and some more energy. Also not frequenting Uncle Dan's and saving some money. 

I have been asked to do this before and unfortunately I was not in the right headspace but I am now. 

It’s the perfect excuse to kick-start a healthier year, whilst raising funds for disadvantaged young people in Australia. From overcoming mental health issues and the impact of abuse and neglect, to finding safe housing and tackling drug and alcohol problems, febfast funds youth workers who connect with young people experiencing disadvantage and ultimately help them stand on their own two feet. Thank you for supporting my febfast challenge.

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Tracey Aherne


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Good luck gorgeous! I know you'll rock it! Xxx


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